Life and War with Mikey Fatboy Delgado
Friday, June 13, 2014
Mission accomplished - Dumb and dumber

Life and War with Mikey Fatboy Delgado

Bush flies onto that aircraft carrier all dressed up like some fucker out of Top Gun,
only with Bush he just looks like the back end of a fucking pantomime horse in all
that gear, mate. He’s a scream. You can’t help finding him comical. Not like old
Blair. And the geezer on the BBC news made us laugh when he was commentating
on it and he said that Bush did his national service by flying round Texas a couple
of times and then ducking out of going to Vietnam.

I like Bush when he’s making his speeches. He’s a scream. He’s like a cheeky little
kid. He always looks like there’s some fucker behind him tickling his arse with a
feather. He looks like he wants to burst out laughing at the crap those bods have
written for him to tell the American people. Not like Blair. Blair looks like he doesn’t
think anyone’s going to swallow what he’s got to say but his eyes are bulging and his
arms are flapping about because he really wants them to. “I say this to you..” or “I want
to make this perfectly fucking clear..” and crap like that. And Blair just looks fucking
stupid when his people slap a guitar in his hand and try and make him look a cool fella
for the young people to get into. He just looks like an area manager for British Home
Stores in a grey suit holding a guitar. Shape up, Tony, for fuck’s sake.

But that speech old Bush gave on that ship was funny as fuck, mate. That guff about
freedom and darkness and captives and light. He looked like he wanted to fall over
side ways. He’d be much happier telling it straight. “These motherfuckers fronted us
up so we bombed the shit out of them. Did we get the right ones? I don’t know, but if
we didn’t we’ll bomb the fuck out of them till they learn who’s the fucking daddy.
God Bless America.”


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