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Thursday, March 21, 2013
Eulogy Fir Robin Cook
by   'Jason King'

Edinbury's mobbed the day
but awfay circumspect
for a Scottish statesman droaped doon deid
n it's time tae pay respects

Eh did ehs bit fir freedom,
Fir justice n fir truth
No like thon toss in Downing Street
The yin wi the hoor's mooth

Erse-lickin yon Yankee cunt
Oan the issue ay Iraq
And sendin oor lads to the front
N some widnae come back

But Cooky had his principle
His courage, gall and pluck
'Where ur they WMD's then?'
'Thir no thaire - git tae fuck.'

And comrades oan the benches
They were craven, timid swine
Thir erseholes in tight clenches
As they towed the perty line

The track his only respite
Fae the Middle East debate
The Tory press cried him a traitor
Wi thir Arab racial hate

Eh died up in the hills eh loved
Nae doaktirs on alert
But it was the liars doon in London toon
Thit broke that brave, brave hert.

from the story Kingdom of Fife from the collection
If You Liked School, You'll Love Work by  Irvine Welsh


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